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To some people including myself, hearing “I miss you” is far better than hearing “I love you.” The sheer thought of having someone long for you or that you consume his every single thought even if you have just part ways is just incredible. If you are on the other side of the boat though, you for sure know that the aching feeling of wanting to see or hold someone is just unbearably hard to translate into words.


If the recipient is not a fan or is allergic to plants, fret not because you still have a long list of options that you can perfectly match with her personality. Your former secretary will surely miss you back as soon as she gets a hold of a bone-china tea light holder set. It is a diminutive, luminous sculpture in its own right, and putting it to use is the perfect way to cap her long day in the office. A food lover will surely appreciate flower shaped sugar cookies glazed with white frosting. Quick fact: white is such a beautiful and show stopping color for accessories. Scarves beaded with flowers will definitely be mom’s favorite. Your new girlfriend would not feel threatened with ceramic hibiscus earrings. Pick these two in white and wait for their reports on how many complements they have received. If the budget is as high as the sky, send your geeky lover a new MP3 player protected with a white cherry blossom skin. Whatever your gift is, do not forget to slip in a note saying what you miss about them. Reading something true either before of after your day’s just amazing.

Before you get that clay, sculpt your intentions into an immaculate figure, and send it over to the one you are yearning for, you might want to take deep breaths and read on. Signifying your massive emotional stress can turn even develop into a disaster if not executed tastefully (no one likes too much mushiness). Translating this unexplainable feeling is actually easier than it seems like if you go back to the basics. Lucky for you, the basics consist of only two things: your most sincere intentions and the most widely accepted gift around the globe, flowers.

White flowers are your best bet in conveying the message above. Sent early in a relationship, white flowers say both “I miss you” and “you are perfect.” It also symbolizes innocence, purity, secrecy, reverence, perfection, humility, and silence. Anyone who is bound to receive white flowers will be genuinely flattered upon knowledge of its meaning.


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